Chalet Celeste welcomes you with a commitment to environmental responsibility, adopting environmentally-friendly practices, reducing waste, and promoting the use of low-consumption and renewable energy sources. Since its construction in 2015, our architect has designed Chalet Celeste in collaboration with local artisans, following an environmentally-conscious approach. We have prioritized the use of locally certified BQS (Bois Qualité Savoie) wood for construction, along with wool insulation and a geothermal heating system. All the chalet's lighting fixtures are energy-efficient and can be easily turned off with a simple switch, promoting energy savings. The tap water comes directly from our mountain and is perfectly drinkable, eliminating the need for plastic bottles. Furthermore, we encourage you to appreciate and support local culture and economy by recognizing their expertise, supporting local businesses, and raising awareness about sustainable practices. We also invite you to optimize your means of transportation and enjoy a stay in a preserved mountain environment!